Turinabol for Women

Oral Turinabol

Turinabol Gains – Are They Worth the Risk?

Turinabol is an anabolic steroid that is not often talked about among women, however, it is used by men, on occasion, there have been women who have tested positive for this substance. In this article I will discuss the benefits and side effects of Turinabol for women.

What is Turinabol?

Turinabol also known as its chemical name four-chlorohydromethyltestosterone is an oral androgenic steroid used to enhance strength and performance.

One of the reasons you don’t hear a lot of news about Turinabol is because it’s not considered one of the more popular steroids, even less among women, however, there have been women who have uses Turinabol to give them a competitive edge in sports.

A brief history of Turinabol

Turinabol is an oral steroid that was administered to young men in the 70s and 80s under an East German state-sponsored doping program,

These men competed in Olympic sports, the purpose of this steroid was to help improve athletic performance, increase strength and promote endurance.

Turinabol is just one of the drugs produced by German pharmaceutical Jenapharm, the company was founded in East Germany in  1950,  the main focus of the company at the time was the production of steroids.

Jenapharm produced a variety of substances that included corticosteroids, progestins, estrogens, and anabolic steroids, one of these was Turinabol.

In 2005 the company was threatened and sued by hundreds of athletes who had been forced to take the drug, the company settled the lawsuits by creating a 4.1 million dollar fund to compensate those athletes affected by it.

Turinabol is considered as a milder version of Dianabol

Turinabol has a lower anabolic rating than Dianabol which may be why some women take it, in theory, the side effects on women may not be as harsh as other anabolic steroids, however, it can cause virilization.

When asked about the performance benefits of Turinabol, the effects could be somewhere in the middle between Anavar and Winstrol.

Turinabol dosage

A normal Turinabol cycle for women usually lasts 4-6 weeks, women may consume 5-10 mg per day however some women have consumed doses as high as 15 mg.

Higher doses can lead to side effects.

The Turinabol half-life is about 16 hours, if you were to notice side effects you should stop taking it immediately.

Some of the side effects from Turinabol may include:

  • Deeper voice
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Excess facial hair
  • Enlarged clitoris
  • Increased cholesterol levels
  • May cause liver toxicity

Long-term side effects of Turinabol may later surface and these can include kidney disease.

Benefits of Turinabol

Increase red blood cell count

Boosting red blood cells helps improve athletic performance, this is due to increased oxygenation in your body. Red blood cells help carry oxygen to your body’s muscles and organs giving you more energy and stamina.

Reduce muscle fatigue

More nitrogen production in the muscles helps reduce muscle fatigue, taking TBol helps increase nitrogen retention in the muscles allowing you to train harder with less fatigue.

Boost your metabolism

Most anabolic steroids help boost your body’s metabolism and Turinabol is no exception, especially during cutting and bulking cycles. Boosting your metabolism not only helps your body use nutrients more efficiently, but it also promotes fat loss allowing you to improve muscle definition and vascularity.

Increase endurance

Turinabol helps increase endurance, Turinabol helps boost cardiovascular performance allowing you to train longer with less fatigue and incredible endurance.

Better pumps

Muscle pumps are something that is often associated with Turinabol, this is due to more blood flow and more blood within the muscle tissue.

Increased sex drive

This is probably not a benefit a lot of women are looking for in a steroid, however, it has been reported that taking Turinabol gives women an increase in sex drive. While these comments may seem anecdotal it is a subject that is often discussed by women who have taken this steroid.

Turinabol gains

Women who take Turinabol notice a big increase in athletic performance and endurance, most seem to notice decent gains in muscle however when comparing Turinabol vs Anavar most say that Anavar offers better results.

Women who have used Turinabol

While there are women who have taken Turinabol, you don’t hear about it often, when you do it’s because they have been caught from being tested during a sports event.

For example, the IOC stripped Russian jumper Tatyana Lebedeva of two silver medals because she tested positive with Turinabol.

Anna Fragkou tested positive in 2019 on the eve of the Crossfit Open, she was found in violation of the Crossfits drug testing policy, the tests showed positive for Oral Turinabol.

From what we have seen Turinabol seems to be popular among women who are seeking overall performance enhancement and not so much for gaining muscle, which is why oral Turinabol is not as popular as Anavar or Winstrol.

Where to buy oral Turinabol

The only place you will find oral Turinabold sold is on the black or underground markets. The fact that there are dozens of underground pharmaceutical companies that sell steroid it can be hard to determine the quality of the substance.

While there may be a few reputable sources where you can buy Turinabol the shady underground labs seem to dominate. In fact, Turinabol is one of the more counterfeited steroids on the market.

When searching for legitimate sources to buy Turinabol make sure you do your homework and ask a lot of questions about a good online pharmacy otherwise you run the risk of getting scammed.


If you are asking yourself if taking Turinabol is worth the risk, it really isn’t. While it is a great performance-enhancing steroid, however, it may have noticeable side effects.

The benefits from taking this steroid are strength and athletic performance which is why most women chose milder alternatives such as Primobolan or Anavar.


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