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Top Gym Supplements for Females

Supplements have been around for decades, in the past, a lot of supplements were sold individually, stuff like creatine, l- carnitine, and BCAA’s have all been used to help women lose body fat, increase muscle and boost athletic performance.

While there are many gym supplements sold most of them focus on the male athlete and bodybuilders. There are few supplements that are actually made for women, question is what are the best gym supplement brands for women.

In this article, I will give you my personal opinion on some of the best gym supplements brands that I have used and the benefits they offer.

Depending on what your goal is, be it gaining muscle, losing weight, or eliminating stubborn body fat, I have a list of gym supplements every woman should try at least once.

Regardless of your goals, there are many supplements that can help you reach your fitness goals faster.

I realize that not all women want to increase muscle mass, however, there are some who do so I will start off with the best gym supplements for gaining muscle.


D-Bal is a dietary supplement sold by Crazy Bulk, it can be used as a safe Dianabol alternative. Not only will it give your muscles a boost, it also helps give you more strength and energy.

What makes D-Bal so special?

For starters, this gym supplement contains all-natural ingredients proven to help women gain lean muscle.

Key ingredients in the D-Bal formula include:

Tribulus Terrestris helps increase energy and strength, its also full of steroid saponins to help aid your body in natural increasing natural hormone production.

Suma root extract besides helping women maintain a healthy weight it also helps improve cardiovascular health. Suma root contains other nutrients that include vitamins B, E A, and K. Suma root also contains essential antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) is another key ingredient in this muscle-building formula and one of the reasons I bought this supplement in the first place.

Believe it or not, a woman’s body suffers from stress more than men’s do, Ashwagandha root helps prevent stress and anxiety, it’s also a great stamina booster. As an added benefit preliminary lab studies show that ashwagandha root may kill breast cancer cells.

How fast does D-Bal work?

My personal experience was that I felt an immediate strength and energy boost after my first day of taking D-Bal, it took about two weeks before I noticed any significant muscle gains.

D-Bal also helps increase my appetite so make sure if your goal is gaining muscle ensure you are getting enough protein while you take this supplement.


This is a powerful supplement that has a big dose of Tribulus Terrestris.

I should point out before you read any more about this supplement you should probably check with your doctor before you take it.


A direct quote from the Max Gains website says:

As this product contains a large dose of Tribulus Terrestris, it may not be suitable for women to consume. We suggest that you consult with a medical professional to see if this product is right for you.

This may concern some women, but I have taken it with no side effects, it gives you incredible power and strength, in just a few days I felt incredible muscle pumps, that’s how I knew it was working.

The added benefit of this supplement is that it contains steroid saponins, so, it definitely gives your hormones a boost which may increase sex drive.

The recommended serving size for men is 3 capsules a day which gives you 1950grams of powder that contains 45% saponins.

Women don’t need to take as much, I personally started off with one capsule per day and then increased it to 2 a day, I would not recommend taking more than 2 capsules per day.

Anadroxin forms part of the Max Gains bulking stack, and it works well for gaining muscle.

If you are looking for a fast way to quickly gain a few pounds of muscle Anadroxin will help.

Fat loss

So now that I have told you about two of the best gym supplements for gaining muscle, you should also know about the ones I find work best for fat loss.

Fat loss among women is a bigger concern than gaining muscle, for this obvious reason there are more supplements available.

Below are what I consider the best gym brand supplements for women.

Primal Cut

This special fat loss formula is made for women, it’s packed with ingredients that target body fat making it easier for women to burn body fat.

Primal Cut has a whopping 1400mg of Garcinia Cambogia extract. The active ingredient in in Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxy citric acid.

Another ingredient in Primal Cut is the amino acid chromium chelate this ingredient helps regulate insulin and glucose, it also helps speed up fat metabolism, which helps increase lean body mass.

Calcium carbonate suppresses the hormone calcitriol, this hormone increases the production of fat cells. calcium carbonate helps break down body fat.

A few of the benefits that Primal Cut offers over the competition is the fact that it’s a vegan-friendly formula that helps control appetite and burn fat fast.

Unlike many supplement formulas, this brand is doctor recommended and certified NFS meaning it is tested for possible toxic chemicals and impurities while certifying the ingredients listed on the labels are what you get and nothing else.

You can only get Primal cut from the official Primal Cut website.

I should also mention you take the time to read some of the customer reviews on the Cut Primla formula as the majority of the reviews are all positive and just reinforce how well this supplement works.

Phen Gold

I had already done a comparison review comparing PhenGold with another weight loss supplement, and PhenGold was a clear winner.


Because, while both supplements are designed for weight loss PhenGold in my opinion works better and has much better ingredients, plus it’s a little bit cheaper.

PhenGold works both for weight loss and is an amazing supplement for burning stubborn fat.

If you have ever reached a sticking point and can’t seem to lose that last bit of body fat Phen Gold comes to the rescue.

Every now and then I seem to reach a plateau where I just don’t seem to make progress, when this happens and I feel I need some help I have used Phen Gold, all it takes is a couple of months along with my normal cardio workout 3-4 times per week and it does the trick.

Phen Gold

Not only does PhenGold help burn fat, but it also has some great ingredients that help keep energy levels high. My day job involves a lot of sitting, being sedentary makes me feel lethargic and drains my energy.

Sitting at a desk for six hours a day can be hard to boost my motivation, taking Phen Gold first thing in the morning with breakfast gives me a big energy boost and also keeps me going all day long, even after sitting at my desk for several hours.

Phen Gold is an ideal product for women and men who want to lose weight and burn body fat.

PhenGold contains important ingredients for fat and weight loss.

You can learn more about Phen Gold by visiting the official website


Trim Tone is one supplement I have used and find it to be highly underrated. This is another formula that is made just for women, so, many supplements say they are made just for women, unfortunately, many of them have ingredients in them that women should not be putting into their bodies.

Trim Tone

What does Trimtone do?

Trimtone is full of all-natural ingredients developed to help women of any age lose weight and reduce body fat.

Trimtone contains 100% all-natural ingredients to help boost your metabolism, reduce stubborn body fat and prevent food cravings. I used to think that Trimtone was made just for active women, however, this can be used by women of any athletic level.

If you are a woman who struggles with stubborn body fat Trim Tone will help turn fat stores into useful energy, this can help you burn more calories in a day. and night.

TrimTone also helps reduce food cravings, I don’t know about you, but the minute I begin cutting back on food it seems like I crave everything. Trim Tone will help maintain your focus on reducing calories by preventing food cravings.

Trim Tone contains ingredients like Green coffee caffeine, green tea and grains of paradise.

If you have been looking for a fat loss supplement made just for females you will love this supplement blend. You can read my full Trim Tone review here.

You can only buy Trim Tone from the official website

Final thoughts

This is my list of best gym brand supplements for women, I have tried dozens of different brands but the ones reviewed here are my favorites and the ones have delivered the best results and the ones I use frequently.

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