3 Steroids For Boosting Sex Drive In Women

Anabolic steroids

Looking for the best steroid for women’s libido? If so, you have visited the right place. Here, you will find the right anabolic steroids for burning fat and gaining muscle while maintaining libido. Today, more women are consuming steroids to stay in shape and gain strength & endurance to improve their athletic performance.

Female bodybuilders are taking these steroids, and high school girls who are looking to gain a competitive edge over their opposition are using this method. However, when using the best steroids for women, they should not form any masculine features.

So, it is better to take legal steroids to boost the testosterone and estrogen hormones to maintain your libido level. To help you out, here is a list of steroids best suited for women’s libido.

1. Anavar

Anavar has built a reputation for no masculinity effects in women as it uses natural ingredients to boost muscle gains and burn noticeable fat. As long as you take this steroid in a moderate amount, you won’t experience the side effects of its mild properties.

However, some women might take high doses for better results, but you must know that it would lead to masculinity. So, administer this steroid in a moderate amount to ensure your body adapts to new ingredients and encourages better results.


Recent studies have shown that Anavar is the best steroid for women’s libido as some women have experienced an increased level of testosterone and estrogen hormones. However, consuming Anavar in high dosages can suppress the libido in women, so it is best to take it in a moderate amount.

2. Primobolan

Primobolan is an excellent weight loss steroid for women as it comes with a low androgenic rating, which means there are fewer chances of masculinity features. In addition, this steroid can be injected or orally taken to boost fat loss.

Usually, having a high percentage of body fat can suppress your sex drive and other hormones to make you feel good. But when you start working out and take this steroid, you will begin to see noticeable changes in your fat percentage and libido level.


Working out produced happy hormones, and Primobolan will positively affect protein synthesis and nitrogen retention to help you burn fat, gain lean muscle, and boost your sexual hormones. It is recommended to take 50-75mg of Primobolan for 5-7 weeks to notice the results. It will make the process of stripping fat and gaining lean muscle look easy.

3. Anadrol

Anadrol is another best steroid for women’s libido as it boosts the level of testosterone and estrogen to ensure there are no virilization effects. However, some evidence shows that they don’t trigger androgenic effects in women similar to men. So, even if you take higher doses of Anadrol, it won’t cause virilization effects.


Even though higher dosage might decrease the libido level in women, one study has shown that Anadrol is well-tolerated by women as it balances testosterone and estrogen level to avoid masculinity.

These are the top steroids for burning fat and gaining muscles while keeping a consistent libido balance in women.

Should women take steroids to boost their sex drive?

In no way should women abuse steroids, steroids can cause masculinization especially if taken in high doses, women who used steroids for increasing muscle have noticed a correlation of increased libido. If yu are a woman who is suffering from low sex drive we highly recommend consulting with your doctor first, he or she can recommend safer and possibly natural alternatives that are not a risk to your health.


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