Trimtone Fat Burner for Women

Trim Tone

Trim Tone Natural Fat Burner for Women

If you are looking for a fat burner supplement you will literally go nuts trying to choose one that is specifically made for women. Most fat burners are made for men and have a lot of ingredients that women don’t really need. Trimtone fat burner for women hasa special formula made just for you.

As a rule, women struggle with fat loss more than men do.

Women have a lot more to contend with when it comes to losing body fat than men do, its a fact that women carry around more body fat than men so its harder for them to lose it. Besides genetics, the constant fluctuation of hormone levels can make burning fat even more difficult.

Lean abdomen

If you are looking for a fat burner made for women, you might want to skim through the rest of this Trimtone article and see how this female-friendly fat burner can help eliminate fat and increase lean muscle.

What is Trimtone?

Trimtone is a new product that is produced by (Swiss Research Labs Limited)  Who has a long history of making premium supplements, once again most of the supplements they make are made for men, with the exception of the few legal steroids that can be used by women.

The company has had a lot of feedback from women and the consensus was, why can you make a fat burner with a women-only formula. So they did.

Trimtone has a combination of all-natural ingredients that are effective for eliminating body fat and boosting energy which is what is needed to incinerate body fat.

What’s special about Trimtone?

A lot of things, however, it’s not about fancy packaging or in your face marketing Trimtone is all about giving women a premium product that is going to help you burn fat and lose weight.

Trimtone can be used by women of any fitness level or if you are someone that wants to strive for that lean and shredded body this supplement will help you achieve your goals.

Benefits of Trimtone:

  • 100% safe and natural fat burner for women
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Curb food cravings
  • Burn more calories and body fat
  • Made will all-natural ingredients
  • Special female-friendly formula
  • No fillers or additives
  • One pill a day formula
  • 100-day money-back warranty
  • Produced in the USA

A lot of supplements companies make false claims and fail to deliver results. A premium supplement should have ingredients with some sort of clinical backing and in this case, Trimtone does.

I should also mention that Trimtone can contribute to fat loss, however in this case Tritone is meant to be used for fat loss.

A fat loss supplement’s purpose is to increase fat oxidation and improve workout performance.  That is why are ingredients are everything when it comes to fat loss.


Green tea extract (GTE)

There have been over a dozen studies on Green tea extract and its effect on fat metabolism, the majority of them have been positive.  One study investigated whether or not GTE could boost fat oxidation when resting.

Crushed Green Tea Leaves

The double-blind study involved giving subjects three  27mg servings of GTE and 150mg of caffeine the other group was given 150mg of caffeine and 150mg of cellulose (placebo). The results showed that the subjects given GTE extract and caffeine showed a significant increase of fat oxidation (20%) over 24 hours without exercise.

A second study showed that green tea extract had an even bigger effect on burning body fat when used along with exercise.  You can view the full GTE study here.


Glucomannan is a natural water-soluble fiber that comes from the roots of the elephant yam also called konjac.

It may sound familiar because it is often found in food products such as pasta and flour. It is also the main ingredient in shirataki noodles.

Besides being found in food products glucomannan is sold and included in many dietary supplements as an emulsifier and thickener. It absorbs water quickly which makes a popular dietary fiber.

Adding a small amount of Glucomannan into a glass of water quickly turns the water into gel.  Taking supplements that contain Glucomannan are believed to help have an effect on weight loss due to both its fiber content and its benefit of making you feel full in between meals.

Grains of paradise

Grains of paradise are is a plant extract from the ginger family, they come from an African Plant called “aframonum melegueta”

Grains of paradise contain compounds like 6-paradol, 6-shogaol, and 6-gingerol these are considered to help with fat loss.

Grains of Paradise

Grains of paradise are backed by clinical studies and can help improve digestion, increase energy, and stimulate brown fat conversion.

Green coffee

Raw green (unroasted) coffee beans are filled with nutrient-rich things such as chlorogenic acid. This compound is thought to reduce the amount of glucose and fat absorbed by your body during food digestion. This helps lower insulin levels and speed up your body metabolism helping your body burn more fat.

Green Coffee Beans

Who can use Trimtone?

Just about anyone.

Yes, Trimtone can be taken as a pre-workout to give you energy and stamina and help you train longer and harder.

You should exercise.

While most fat burners claim their product will work without exercise they are lying to you. In order to get the most benefits from Trimtone, you should adopt some kind of activity, this could be walking, jogging, strength training, or anything that gets you up and moving for about 45 minutes per day.

Does Trimtone work?

If you do your part, yes, Trimtone has the best premium ingredients that will work as long as you adopt a sensible eating plan and exercise plan.

Trimtone comes with a full 100-day money back guarantee

This is probably one of the best guarantees I have ever seen most offer 30-60 days this one of the best guarantees you will see in any fat loss supplement.

How to take Trimtone

Unlike may supplements where you are supposed to take several pills per day, Trimtone is easy, take one pill with water before breakfast.

Trimtone compared to other brands

Trimtone Compared

Where to buy?

Trimtone fat burner is only available online from the official website, the company offers free worldwide shipping which is another thumbs up for this female-friendly supplement.

Trimtone price

One bottle of Trimtone cost $49.95, buy 2 get 1 free $99.90 and the best value is a buy 3 get 2 free $149.85.


Final thoughts

In my article introduction, I mentioned that women will be hard-pressed to find a female-friendly supplement like TrimTone fat burner. I am not saying they are not available, but they won’t come close to the benefits offered by Trimtone, it’s effective, easy to use and best of all if you are not satisfied with your results you have 100 days to return it. for a full refund.

You can get Trim tone here.


Green coffee beans benefit for weight loss.

Grains of paradise effect on brown fat and weight loss