Do Female Crossfit Athletes Take Steroids

Female Crossfit Athlete

 CrossFit and Steroids do Women Use Them?

Crossfit is a sport that requires a lot of endurance and energy. I have done CrossFit and to say the least, it is a demanding sport.

I personally prefer keeping my cardio and strength training routines separate. In other words, I like warming up with cardio followed by an hour of strength training.

One of the reasons a  lot of women like Crossfit is because when done properly it gives you a great cardio workout combined with strength training.

What is Crossfit training?

Crossfit is a form of interval training that involves strength and cardio exercises. These movements are performed with high intensity.

A CrossFit workout involves doing a variety of push-ups, squats, and lifting weights. These exercises are done in a specific timeframe, the exercise help improves cardiovascular health, endurance, strength, and speed.

Crossfit boxes

This is the term used by cross-fitters, instead of going to a gym to CrossFit workouts are called boxes which is in fact a gym.

Most men and women perform Crossfit to help improve their health, but there are professional athletes that actually compete in what are called CrossFit games.

There is a big difference between someone who does CrossFit for health reasons versus a CrossFit competitor who does this professionally.

Professional Crossfit athletes have been known to use steroids to help increase athletic performance, the ultimate goal is winning the competition.

Crossfit and steroid use among women

It would be a naive statement to say that pro athletes who do CrossFit don’t take steroids, the truth is some do and have been caught, steroid use among female crossfitters has become just as popular as their use by fitness models and female bodybuilders.

Women who perform CrossFit at a professional level like competitiveness and in order to improve their athletic ability some may take anabolic steroids. These can help improve athletic performance, strength and give them a physical advantage over their competitors.

On a day-to-day basis taking steroids weeks before a competition will help speed up muscle recovery and body composition, many steroids will help reduce body fat, weight and help women gain lean muscle.

While the average person that does CrossFit does it to improve their health, this is no different than people who jog, swim or lift weights.

Women who do Crossfit on a professional level do it to prove their athletic abilities and win.

Some of the Crossfit competitions pay a substantial amount of money upwards of $20,000.00 dollars and sometimes more depending on the competition.

Some of the Crossfit athletes have been banned and openly deny the use of steroids, yet the testing has revealed something different.

Below is a list of women who have been suspended or banned from Crossfit due to steroid use, in some of the cases women claim foul play but there is no real way to judge one way or another.

Anna Fragkou

She tested positive in 2019  on the eve of the Crossfit Open, they found her in violation of the Crossfits drug testing policy, the tests claim she showed positive for Oral Turinabol.

This steroid is a cross between Methandrostenolone and Clostebol which is an altered form of Dianabol just its slightly less potent.

The benefit of Turinabol is that it can help women increase lean muscle, something needed in order to increase athletic performance.

Fragkou denied the use of this steroid and claimed she only took dietary supplements and claims she was still puzzled on how she tested positive.

She also made the comment that after she did some careful research on the effects Turinabol could have on women and mentioned she would never be willing to use a substance like that which could be harmful.

Whether she used steroids or not Frakou was suspended from Crossfit games for 4 years.

Katie Trombetta

She tested positive for two substances, ostarine, and GW1516.

Ostarine is an anabolic agent (a SARM) it was developed to treat muscle wasting disease such as osteoporosis. GW1516 is considered a type of hormone that alters hormones.

Trombetta was tested on July 29th at the Crossfit games, because of the positive test she was suspended for 4 years.

Hylie Thompson

Thompson was ranked 4rth masters 55-59 at the 2019 CrossFit games, the drug test showed traces for GW1516 sulfide and sulfone which are a class metabolic modulator hormones. Thompson was suspended for 4 years.

The women mentioned above, unfortunately, got caught with performance-enhancing drugs in their system, because o this they were suspended.

Other popular Crossfit women

There are dozens of other women who practice the sport of Crossfit Professionally,

Some of these women have not tested positive for steroids or PEDs, yet if you look at their physique many of them have incredibly lean muscular bodies. Some of them even have big traps, wide shoulders and wide muscular backs, some of them even tend to look a bit on the masculine side.

Do female CrossFit athletes take steroids?

While there is proof that Female Crossfit Athletes have been caught using PEDs, others look like they take them but have managed to do it discretely, it could be that testing is not as common among Crossfit athletes as it is in other sports.

We believe that there are female CrossFit athletes who do take steroids, this is somewhat obvious when you look at the physiques of some of these women.


Anabolic steroids have been used for decades among all kinds of athletes, CrossFit is no different and who can blame them, most of these women already possess a lot of talent, taking steroids only enhance their abilities.

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