How To Burn Fat While You Sleep Naturally?

Woman Sleeping

Ways to Burn Fat While You Sleep

Losing weight can be tough, especially for those with a 9 to 5 sitting job. In this situation, who would not like to lose weight quickly? Most of you may not be aware that your body burns calories to keep the nervous system working, such as breathing, pumping blood, digesting food, and other activities.

Woman Sleeping

But did you know that a person can burn more calories and fat when you sleep? There is no doubt that one has to focus on a regular workout or healthy diet, but one needs to optimize their sleep to burn fat.

All you need to do is follow the simple suggestion that health experts give to increase fat burning and improve sleep quality.

How to Lose Fat While Sleeping?

1. Make Your Room Dark

When someone is exposed to light while they are sleeping, then that may have some severe impact on health. Sleeping in a dark room will help the body to release the melatonin hormone, which also helps in regulating sleep, body temperature, blood pressure, and level of stress hormone (cortisol).

In a study, it has been found that women exposed to light while sleeping are more likely to have breast cancer and even cause high depression rates, which increase weight gain.

Melatonin will also help in brown fat production, which metabolize calorie, which is why you should shut off your electronic devices an hour before sleeping and make your room dark.

2. Sip White Tea

It may not be highly praised as green tea, but white tea also comes from the same plant, offers several health benefits, and works as an antioxidant. It has been researched that extracts of white tea prevent the cells from becoming fat and also increase the breakdown of fat. So, it is advised that you should swap your morning cup of tea with white tea.Green Tea


3. Drink Casein Shake

People usually take proteins because they are perfect for the post-workout boost and their quick absorbing nature. But choosing this Casein Shake before you go to sleep will help in boosting your fat burning over the night.

It is a digested protein that will take about 6-8 hours to break down the food in your body and keep your metabolism active even at night, so when you wake up, it will help you feel energetic. In fact, taking casein at night also helps in enhancing protein synthesis, which helps in strengthening and repairing the muscles.

Choosing this method will help you lose about 30-35 calories every day, which is a bonus for you not to ignore.

4. Sleep More

Yeah, you have heard it right! Sleeping more is an effective method to lose some pounds when you are sleeping. People usually neglect sleep because of their hectic schedules, and changing this habit will definitely help in losing weight.

If you do not believe this, don’t worry; several research studies have proven this theory. It happens because of leptin and Ghrelin. Leptin is the hormone that helps regulate your energy levels and keeps your appetite low.

While Ghrelin is the one that increases the hunger and triggers their need to eat! But, when you sleep better, then that will reduce Ghrelin and increase the level label of leptin that control the appetite during the day.

5. Eat Small Meals During The Day

One of the essential tips most dieticians provide to their clients is to ‘eat little and frequently .’It is a great way to boost your weight loss at night. Eating small meals often during the day keeps your metabolism ticking over and ensures your body burns fat at night.

Small meals

Along with burning calories, it also helps boost metabolism when you are asleep. This frequent eating will also keep your appetite in check and reduce your craving in the morning.

6. Try Different Yoga Posses 5 Minutes before Sleep

Some yoga poses help in keeping your mind healthy and away from tension or anxiety. It would help if you tried sitting in bed uptight with your legs in the front open wide. You should feel a stretch in the hamstrings and take deep breaths slowly five times.

While doing so, you may feel a slight burning sensation near the feet when you flex. You can do this yoga in bed before sleeping, increasing your sleep quality.


7. Take a Dietary Supplement

There are different dietary supplements that can help you burn fat while you sleep, these help you rest better and also increase HGH levels helping boost your metabolism.


By doing so, you can definitely increase the growth hormone even after falling asleep. With this, the fat released by fat cells will be used for energy and help reduce your fat naturally.