How Women Can Get Abs at Home?

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Improve Your Abs With these Home Exercises

Do you desire to have abs but do not want to go to the gym or anywhere? Then don’t worry, you can get abs at home by performing some exercises. Every woman needs a healthy and strong core to perform daily activities. Doing ab exercises can help you improve your core, promote better posture, reduce joint pain, and have many other benefits.

Women who have weak core muscles are prone to fatigue, have less endurance, and are more likely to get injuries; thus, they surely need to make their cores strong. But as women have a busy schedules, they cannot go to gyms and training centers to exercise. So here are some workouts that can help them get abs at home.


Sit Up With Towel

As you are performing a workout at home thus to perform, you need a towel and a yoga mat. You need to repeat the steps slowly 10 to 20 times and do three sets. People who are not familiar with exercising and workout must begin with 1 set as more can be an intense workout for them.

• How to Perform

At first, you need to roll a towel and place it under the area of your lower back. Then sit in a butterfly pose; your soles must touch each other. The first step is laying your back on the floor and inhaling.

Then while exhaling, lift up your core; this will apply pressure on your abs, then try to touch your feet with your hands. Repeat this exercise and make sure that your soles stick together when you lift up.

Hip Lift

For this, you only need a yoga mat; this exercise will strengthen your glutes and improves your core and body muscles. You need to work more on your lower body and core for abs.

• How to Perform

Initiate the exercise by lying back and raising your legs up, and make them perpendicular to your upper body. Now you need to pull the navel up and lift your spine and hips a few inches above the floor.

Now lower them down and begin to repeat the motion. Your hands must be facing down, and you can apply pressure on your hands to support the lift.

Flutter Kicks

Another exercise for abs is flutter kicks that improve balance and stability and make your abdomen strong and tighten the muscles.

• How to Perform

Stay at your back and raise your legs as much as you can until they become straight from your hips. Once your legs reach a certain height, lift one above and take the other down. Continues this process and be sure that your lower back is glued to the ground. Do small kicks in the air and only breathe through your nose as you finish a rep.

V Sits

One cannot make abs without performing this exercise as this is not only effective for the core but also the body. Lay on your back and keep your legs straight; you need to get up and touch your heels by pulling your knees closer to your chest.

woamn doing V situps

Now lay down again and sit up for another rep. for abs, you need to perform this by keeping your legs as low as possible without touching the floor.

Hip Dips

One needs to prop their body on the right forearm and holds the body for a side plank. Then keep your right hip on the floor, then bring your body up in the plank position. The lift must be done by engaging your abs; you can initially begin with a few lifts and then increase the number of reps daily for better results.

One must not bend their body forward or backward and balance their weight on one side. Once you are done with the reps of a single side, repeat it to the other side.

Toe Touches

One must bring their legs up towards the ceiling by lying on their back. By doing a crunch, you need to touch your toes and lower down back again to the same position. For getting or engaging your lower abs, ensure your toes flex in front. It is completely fine if you are unable to touch the toes; you can touch your feet at first.

Toe Touches

Final Words

The above provided are some of the best exercises one can perform at home and get abs in a reasonable time. For abs, it is essential to work out consistently. Be sure to follow all the instructions else you can face the issue of muscle stretch. Do not try to increase the pace of exercises and do them slowly and steadily to avoid injuries.

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