Make Your Breasts Bigger Without Exercise

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How to Make Your Breasts Bigger at Home

I love to work out, however, sometimes I have a problem with consistency, there are many things during the day that can make my day hectic. I try to get up every morning and go for a walk, if I still have time, I will try and go to gym later in the day.

Staying in good physical shape can be tough sometimes, if I don’t stick to a consistent routine sometimes certain muscle groups may get neglected.

I always try to work out legs, glutes, and abs, however, sometimes I neglect my upper body which I shouldn’t. I know that in order to maintain firm breasts working the chest muscles is essential.

There are certain exercises that can help firm your chest, this includes exercises like the barbell bench press, dumbbell flyes, and push-ups.

Working out your chest muscles offers several benefits, these include increasing upper body strength, reduce breast sagging, and make your breasts look firmer.

Something I have wondered in the past is if can make my breasts bigger without exercise.

You are probably asking yourself, why would I want to do that?

It doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop working out, my thought was that if I found something that could help make my breasts firmer and fuller, then I could limit my chest workout to once a week.

What I found is that combining certain bust enhancing products could actually help me achieve my goal best of all, it did not require me to train my chest several days a week.

Question is…

Can you make your breasts bigger without exercise?

This is what I learned.

The muscles underneath the female breasts wont add much volume. Even if train your chest muscles regularly you will only gain a small amount of muscle when compared to the fat in your breasts.

How much fat do female breasts have?

This will vary a lot because it has to do with body fat content, the female breasts consist of glandular tissue (milk ducts) which are responsible for producing milk. Female breasts also contain ligaments that help support the breasts and maintain their form

A woman’s breasts contain somewhere between  50-75% glandular tissue and the rest is fat.

As you can see, breast size is determined more by overall body fat, glandular tissue, and ligaments.

Glandular tissue and fat can increase when estrogen levels are high.

One reason pregnant women gain breast size even before they begin producing milk is that the milk ducts begin to swell.

During your menstrual cycle, women may notice a slight increase in breast size.

Considering that the chest muscles contribute very little to breast size it would seem logical that there are ways to make your breasts bigger without exercise.

In order to make your breasts bigger, there are two things you can do one is to gain weight which is defeating the purpose of you working out, the other way is to stimulate adipose tissue using other methods.

Below I will explain how you can make your breasts bigger without exercise.

Breast Creams

Using breast enlargement creams is an easy and practical way to make your breasts bigger without working out.

Most women can expect a modest increase in breast size.  I have personally gained up to a cup size bigger using this method.

If you are not sure exactly how breast creams work, let me explain.

Breast Cream

Breast creams are something women can apply directly to the breasts, this helps increase adipose tissue.

Many breast creams contain patented ingredients such as Volufiline which have been clinically proven to make your breasts bigger. Others contain plant estrogens, these help naturally increase hormones.

Higher estrogen levels increase the size of the milk ducts and strengthen the underlying ligaments.

Using a breast cream is easy,  all you need to do is to apply the cream to your breasts twice a day, morning and evening, women can expect to see an increase in bust size in just a few weeks, full results take about 12 weeks.

Breast tonics

Breast tonics are another great way to make your breasts bigger without exercise.

Breast tonics contain concentrated amounts of herbs that increase estrogen levels, some women may prefer this method because it’s an easy-to-use method.

Bust tonics

Breast tonics are practical because all you do is take a few drops of the liquid in the morning and evening, this helps promote healthy estrogen levels and increase fat production.

Breast tonics work fast, one of the best tonics I have used is one made by Natureday, not only is it effective, the before and after results are amazing.

Breast enlargement pumps

Using a breast enlargement pump is one of the most effective ways to make your breasts bigger without exercise.

A breast enlargement pump actually increases blood and oxygen into the breast tissue, we all know that increasing more blood into the muscles makes them grow.

A breast pumps works in a similar way, a breast pump works by creating suction in the breasts, causing them to swell, over time it increases the size of your breasts.

Breast Enlargement Pump

When you increase more blood into the breast tissue they swell up, the more often you do this the more your breasts will grow.

I have personally used this method and have managed to gain a whopping two cup sizes, I have seen other women gain slightly more.

Using a breast enlargement pump is very effective and you will be amazed at your results.

Final thoughts

Making your breasts bigger without exercise is possible, the simple fact that your breasts have more fat than muscle makes it practical to use the methods above.

Each of the methods mentioned will allow you to get bigger breast naturally fast at home

If you use any of the methods I mentioned above along with working out your chest once a week, you can expect a significant increase in breast size, even women who don’t exercise regularly can make their breasts bigger using a pump, tonic, or breast cream.