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How to Move Past Lack of Motivation to Exercise

If it’s one thing I know a lot of women have in common its the lack of motivation to exercise. Even though we know its important for our health, staying in shape keeps us healthy and in shape. In this article, I will some of my favorite working motivation tips that personally help me and my friends stay motivated.

Thinking of a long term fitness plan is hard, that is why so many women give up after just a few weeks. You start the new year’s resolution with a promise to yourself to work out all year but those plans fizzle away fast.

Trying to maintain consistency exercise program is easier said than done, in order to get the best results from working out it is recommended that you workout out at least 4 times a week. My doctor has even told me that there is nothing wrong with walking every day. It’s good for the heart and blood circulation.

I like to train with weights I like the toned feeling it gives me, plus it seems to keep fat away, the problem is trying to find the motivation to exercise.

There are all kinds of excuses for not wanting to working out.

Common excuses for not working out include:

  • You don’t have time
  • You feel tired
  • Too many things to do
  • The gym will be too crowded
  • I’m too old to workout
  • I’m too embarrassed to work out in front of other people
  • I’m ashamed of how I look (I’m too fat)
  • I don’t have the right workout clothes
  • You can’t afford a gym membership

I could go on about excuses about why women don’t work out and I’m sure there are dozens I have missed. The truth is there will always be an excuse but that is why we have to be mentally strong and focused in order to workout.

When I lack the motivation to exercise I have to give myself a pep talk.

I tell myself how much better I will feel afterward and reinforce that with how much better I look from exercising. I realize a lot of women have never worked out before so it’s hard when you don’t see results.

If you have never exercised, today is a good time to get motivated and start.

So how do you stay motivated to exercise?

There are so many things you can do to get started, below are some of the popular methods I have found that keep focused so that I exercise several times a week.

1. Just going to the gym can help get you motivated

A lot of times I feel lethargic and don’t want to workout, I know if I can make it through the doors at my local gym that’s half the battle. Once your inside it’s pretty hard to turn back around and leave.

When I see other people working out it encourages me to work out myself.

Once there I will make a mad dash to a stationary bike or elliptical machine, all it takes is 15 minutes to get me into the grove if I can make it that far I am usually warmed up enough for the weight room.

2. Don’t overdo things

I believe one of the biggest mistakes women make is trying to do too much at one time. If you train to where you are depleted and exhausted that will give you little motivation to return to the gym the next day.

No one is a powerhouse full of energy, depression, daily chores, and work can all take a toll. The best thing to do is to train accordingly. On days when you have a better mindset train harder, when you feel depressed or lack energy train with less intensity just tell yourself you have to do this.

Some days will be easier than others.

Keep things simple, focus on training one body part per day and keep the sets and reps moderate, your goal is to get a good pump, you are not there to win a strength competition.

I like training legs first day of the week its the most challenging for me so I like to get it out of the way.

3. Set aside time for you ( Your health is important)

When it comes to exercising most people can find the time for everything else but that. You are not alone, very few people have a life without commitments. A full-time job, family, and kids all consume time.

How many of us are guilty of finding time to take a lunch break or watch TV for an hour or two. Think twice before you sit in front of your TV and make exercise your priority. (Think of how good you will feel after your workout) Sitting in front of a TV is not as healthy as going to the gym or for a walk.

Woman juggling hectic schedule

Even if you have a hectic job schedule think of yourself and your health.

Plan your day right and work around your schedule. Often times I will skip lunch and go to the gym instead.

4. Think of how good you will look

Working out can seem like a waste of time at first, most people want to see physical results immediately. The truth is, visual results take time, remember exercise can have immediate health benefits that can improve muscle tone, blood circulation and help reduce the feelings of depression. Visible results take several weeks.

5. Don’t be ashamed to work out in front of others

I have always been very self-conscience and timid, it was hard for me to work out in front of others when first joined the gym I was embarrassed because I was fat, flabby, and overweight.

Don’t be embarrassed, on the contrary people look up to those trying to better themselves and get into shape.

Remember you are there for you and if you are consistent and exercise every day you will transform your body and have something that you earned and you can be proud of.

6. Workout with a  friend

One of the best ways to get motivated is to work out with a friend or relative, when I first started working out I would go with my cousin. We both nagged one another and supported each other, this made it easier to go to the gym once we where there we could push one another.

7. Fake it till you make it

Having the energy to go to exercise is not easy, sometimes you need to fake it till you make it, until you actually begin to see the results of your efforts in the gym it can be hard to stick with it.

I often find myself artificially boosting my energy by having an energy drink now and then or taking supplements that contain caffeine. Even professional fitness models have days when they cheat a little in order to boost their energy.

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8. Reward yourself after your workout

I know some may not agree with me but I always try and reward myself after a good workout.

After I exercise I will go home and have a small portion of my favorite treat (within reason). We are only human so it’s only fair that after a grueling workout that you can treat yourself afterward.

The flip side of this is that no workout means no reward.

Final thoughts

Staying motivated for some people is hard, everyone has bad days, those are the ones where you need to tell yourself to just get it done.

I try not to think about it. I get in my car and go, once I have had my workout I am glad I did. I feel better and I know that it helps me both physically and mentally. Over time the changes to your physique and how you look will follow.

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