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These are the Best Women’s Fitness Supplements

It can be downright frustrating when we see women with incredible bodies, we can only imagine what they do to get in shape. Yes, some take steroids while other women take dietary supplements. In this article, I will explain popular fitness model supplements women use to help them transform their physique.

As many of you probably already know there are hundreds if not thousands of women fitness supplements sold.

The biggest problem for many women is not knowing what to take during different stages of their training.

Some of the most common fitness supplements women use include:

  • Weight loss supplements
  • Preworkout powders
  • Creatine
  • Fat burners
  • Protein supplements

The main reason fitness models will use these supplements in order to speed up their body metabolism, burn fat and curb appetite.

Anyone who starts cutting back on calories knows that it can be difficult to maintain energy and strength levels which is when supplements can help.

Weight loss supplements are the first item on the list and believe it or not many fitness models take these in order to make it easier to manage their weight.

While fitness models may seem superhuman they still go through periods where they may overeat or gain extra weight.

Some fitness models make their living from modeling, entering contests, and bodybuilding competitions.

Let’s start with the basics.

Weight loss supplements

This is probably the most common supplements sold, it is used by many first-time fitness models, some women look for ways to help them lose weight, and increase energy, this is a problem a lot of women face.

Weight loss supplements may seem like the sort of supplement that amateurs would take but even fitness models find they can be effective at helping them obtain a healthy weight.

Weight loss supplements offer multiple benefits for women, these include helping maintain a healthy weight, prevent food cravings, and speed up the bodyes metabolism. The best thing about weight loss supplements is that they can be used by both novice or experienced fitness models.

Weight loss supplements can be used during a cutting cycle or when you need to lose a few extra pounds.

The one thing to consider before buying any weight loss supplement is to take a close look at the ingredients there are a few brands that can contain ingredients made just for women.

A couple of brands that come to mind include TrimTone and Phen Gold Both these brands can speed up the weight loss process.

Pre-Workout Powders

A lot of women may already be familiar with taking pre-workout powders. The main benefit of pre-workout powders is to provide your body with additional nutrients you may otherwise not be getting with your regular diet.

Many pre-workout supplements are made for men, many contain a lot of caffeine and creatine.

The problem with pre-workout powders that contain lots of caffeine is that after the effect wears off they can give you a crash and burn to feel.

Preworkout powder are helpful for increasing energy and stamina and is normally taken 30 minutes before your workout.

Women should look for a pre-workout powder that contains, vitamins, minerals, and natural energy boosters such as green tea extract.

A quality pre-workout powder should also contain BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) This will not only give you a boost of energy and reduce fatigue but also help with speeding up muscle recovery time.

A lot of female fitness models take a pre-workout powder half an hour before they begin their training sessions so they can train hard with lots of intensity.


Creatine is a substance that is used by some women, the main purpose of taking creatine is because it helps hydrate the muscles and reduces fatigue.

Creatine is normally used by women who want to bulk up and increase strength.

Fitness models who want to increase muscle mass will take creatine for this purpose, obviously, this is not as popular as other supplements but women who want to increase strength and muscle can benefit from creatine.

Fat Burners

This is probably one of the most popular supplements used by female fitness models. Some even go as far as to take drugs like Clenbuterol, unfortunately, these kinds of drugs can cause side effects.

Common side effects from these drugs include rapid heart rate, increased blood pressure, and insomnia.

Fat burners are essential for fitness models and female bodybuilders because it allows them to eliminate body fat and increase muscle definition. Women who want to enhance their body before a competition will take fat burners to speed up the fat loss process.

Fat burners can be effective during a cutting phase when you need to cut back on calories.

Fat burners can essential for women who plan on starting a cutting phase. This is when you begin to cut back on certain foods such as carbs and fats in order to increase lean muscle.

What some women don’t realize is that there are fat burner supplements that offer the same results without the side effects, best of all their are legal and can be used by women of any fitness level.

Fat burner supplements not only help burn off excess body fat they also help increase energy this can help improve training performance and even give you a boost when you need more energy for high-intensity activities such as intense cardio workouts and CrossFit sessions.

Protein supplements

Some female fitness models have trouble getting enough protein, especially women who tend to follow a vegan or vegetarian diet. In order to increase muscle protein is your best friend.

While there are many low-fat protein women can eat to gain muscle, some fitness models still prefer to supplement their diet with supplements.

Protein supplements are essential for ensuring your muscles are getting enough protein.

Getting plenty of protein not only helps with burning fat it is also essential for increasing muscle and speeding up muscle recovery time.

Final thoughts

The above are some of the more popular fitness model supplements used by women, it took me asking a lot of questions and trying many different supplements out to see what kind of effect they had. I hope this will give you some insight and make you more knowledgeable about the benefits each one has to offer.