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Can Butt Enlargement Pills Make Your Butt Bigger?

If you are a woman who has wondered if bum enlargement pills work to add size to your backside you are not alone.

A bigger booty is all the rage today and while some women are genetically gifted others are not.

In the past, I have discussed how women can grow their glutes without exercise, and while some of the methods can be effective others are not.

From a genetic standpoint, if you already have a big butt you are fortunate and are probably someone who carries extra fat around your glutes, but of course, gaining more weight adds more size to your butt.

Not all women are this fortunate, some women no matter what they do cant seem to make their butt bigger.

Bum enlargement pills are often considered a method to make it bigger. Imagine how nice it would be if you could just swallow a couple of pills every day and watch your butt grow in size.

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.

Making your bum bigger with pills is easier said than done.

The question is, do bum enlargement pills work?

From a realistic standpoint, taking supplements to make your buttocks bigger may help but not as much as you would like them to.

There are countless brands that claim they can make your booty bigger, but as you can imagine, if booty supplements worked so well why don’t more women have a shapely and curvy bum.

I see dozens of women at my gym who are constantly working on their glute muscles yet struggle to make their butt bigger, all this in spite of the exercises they do.

Training your glute muscles with weights can make your booty bigger but it’s also a slow process. This could be why so many women ask if bum enlargement pills work.

The simple answer is yes, but they do have limitations. Combining pills with other methods may yield better results.

How do booty enlargement pills work?

Some booty and hip enlargement companies make false claims about their products.

A company that tries to sell you a product that says it can add inches to your butt is probably not going to work.

Before you consider taking any kind of booty-enhancing supplements there a few things to keep in mind.

Glute enhancement doesn’t happen overnight

Making your butt bigger takes time (even with exercise) training your glute muscles 2-3 times a week will help add size to your butt but it also takes time, booty enhancement pills take even longer.

Some companies may claim they have pills that can give you a bigger booty overnight, however, some of these supplements may have ingredients that could be harmful, that is why you should choose pills that contain all-natural ingredients.

How do booty pills work?

This is where things can get a bit complicated.

For starters, your booty is composed of both muscle and fat, so, from a physiological standpoint, you could gain more weight which will increase the amount of fat on your butt but you will also gain weight in other unwanted places.

The other thing you can do is incorporate a strength training regimen that targets your glute muscles.

The real issue is this…

Booty pills don’t have a direct impact on making your bum bigger, however, they do have ingredients in them that can help.

Many of these ingredients help increase hormone production (estrogen),  redistribute fat deposits, and tone your body, some of these include:

Maca Root

This herbal ingredient has been used to help increase energy and stamina, maca root has also been shown to help regulate hormone levels and speed up muscle recovery.

Dong Quai root

This root has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, it also has been shown to have a positive impact on hormone levels and is used to treat symptoms of PMS in women. Dong Quai also helps increase blood circulation.

There have been studies that Dong Quai can have an impact on body fat, our take on this is that losing overall body fat can begin to transform your body. The more body fat you lose from your hips, waist, and thighs would naturally improve the appearance of your bum.

Rose Hips

This herb is referred to as a group of the plant family Rosaceae, it has been used to treat obesity by reducing body fat and preventing weight gain. Rose Hips also give you an energy boost which may be helpful for increasing overall physical activity.

Soy extract

Soy extract contains isoflavones, studies show that these may help lower overall BMI and also have an antioxidant effect.

The herbs mentioned above can have a positive impact on increasing energy and stamina, this is obviously important for women who work out. The harder you train your glute muscles the more they will grow, not to mention you will achieve a firmer bum.

Do Bum Enlargement Pills Work?

While the answer should not be complicated it is, women expecting to take booty enlargement pills expect and expect their bum to grow this is most likely not going to happen, however, women who are going to use bum enlargement pills along with an exercise program should experience better results.

Woman Working Out

Common sense says that these pills will help increase energy, this will allow you to train harder and allow you to lift more weight (squat with heavier weight) plus you will have the added benefit of losing extra body fat.

My verdict

If you have high expectations of making your butt bigger with pills alone you will be disappointed, the best way to increase the size of your glutes is with exercise, pills will only enhance your efforts but only by a small margin, my recommendation would be to focus more on butt firming exercises and save your money.


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