Maca Root Health Benefits for Women

Maca Root Health Benefits

Regulate hormones and boost training performance

Several weeks ago I went out to dinner with friends and we were discussing the gym and talking about our workouts. One of my friends was mentioning that some of the women that go to her gym have incredible physiques and wondered how they do it. Some of them seem to be able to gain muscle in all the right places.

If I were only so genetically gifted.

My biggest issue has always been trying to make my buttocks bigger, however, one of my friends does not seem to have any issues in the booty department. In fact, she has a very nice butt, she claims she does a lot of squats and leg presses. Yes, I have also made some headway working out but not as much as my friend has.

I guess we can all blame our lacking body parts on genetics, but what do you do if you aren’t genetically gifted? You either train that body part more often, or you try and find other ways to speed up the process.

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After several minutes one of my friends came clean and said she was using some natural booty enhancement methods that had helped her add some size to her glutes.

She did not go into much detail but she did say she was taking a supplement that contained something called maca root.

I did not want to be rude and pull out my phone during dinner, so I waited till I got home to learn more about it.

What is Maca Root?

It seems that Maca is a root consumed by indigenous people who live in the Andes, more commonly known as Peruvian ginseng, this superfood is considered a root vegetable with many positive attributes for improving your overall health.

Maca root has been a staple food in the Andean diet for centuries, at a glance the root is used in a variety of supplements to help women improve sexual health and prevent menopause, a closer look reveals other benefits.

Benefits of Maca Root for Women

There is a reason why maca root is found in a variety of supplements that is because it can provide a host of benefits for women, maca root is also beneficial for men but in this article, my focus is solely on the benefits it offers women.

1. Better sex drive

Sexual dysfunction is a real symptom in women especially women who suffer from depression, both young and old women will experience low sex drive at some point and many are at a loss of why it happens and what to do about it. Some doctors may prescribe medications but oftentimes these treatments can cause side effects.

Studies have shown that maca root can help increase sex drive in women 1, as little as 3 grams of maca root a day can help women enjoy improved sexual desire and satisfaction.

Besides making sex more satisfying maca root works as a powerful aphrodisiac, this is due to its high mineral content.

Maca root is loaded with generous amounts of zinc, magnesium, copper, calcium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, and potassium. These can help improve your mood, balance hormones and make sexual arousal easier.

2.  Reduce symptoms of menopause

Maca root has been used to regulate hormones, research has shown that its phytochemical content is what contributes to its effect.

Maca root can help prevent or reduce symptoms of menopause ranging from hot flashes, irregular periods, sleep irregularities, depression, and night sweats.

One particular study indicates women had a considerable increase in LH secretion which helped stimulate ovarian hormones 2 this helped reduce many of the symptoms that cause discomfort from menopause.

3. Maca can help maintain bone density

One of the reasons a lot of women are active and train with weights is to prevent the onset of osteoporosis, strength training is one of the best ways to prevent bone loss however certain foods can also help and Maca root is one of them.

Studies have shown 3 that maca root helps maintain a healthy balance between estradiol, progesterone and healthy bone metabolism starting during a woman’s productive years through menopause. One study showed that taking 2000 mg of Maca root had a significant impact on bone density after just a few months.

4. Maca may help improve athletic performance

Maca root is an adaptogenic meaning it responds to the individual needs of your body, maca root has a stimulating effect on the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. This can help improve your mood and boost energy which may have an impact on training by giving you more energy and reducing fatigue so you can train longer.

Where to find maca root?

Due to maca roots growing popularity it can be purchased from a variety of health food stores, online retailers and pharmacies. A lot of sports supplements and liquids contain maca, you will also find maca root sold in pure powder form, this is useful if you want to mix it in with your favorite sports shake or smoothie.

Maca Root Health Benefits for Women

How much maca root do you need?

While there is no recommended daily dosage of maca root, in the Andes mountains where maca root is cultivated the locals may consume up to one pound of fresh or dried maca root per day. Most people can supplement their diet with 20 grams per day.

When to take maca root?

Since maca root has a multitude of benefits that promote energy and boosting stamina I believe that most women will find the best time to take maca root is before thy workout. This is is just my own personal experience because I like to take it right before doing fasted cardio, after that, I hit the weights room and find that I have still had plenty of energy to spare.

Maca side effects

Maca root seems to be safe however there are certain conditions under which you should not take maca root, doctors recommend that maca root not be consumed by who take hormone-altering medicines for treating conditions like breast cancer or to increase estrogen levels.

Studies have shown that maca root can elevate blood pressure so if you do suffer from conditions of hypertension you should consult with your doctor first.

There is not much research on using maca root during pregnancy or breastfeeding so common sense would be to avoid using it.

Final thoughts

Maca is without a doubt a nutrient-rich root that offers quite a few benefits that a lot of women will love when it comes to using it to gain muscle in certain body parts I find it hard for it to work by itself.

The important benefit here is its nutrients and energy-boosting properties. Having more energy can help you step up your training intensity which can promote better workouts and less fatigue.


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