Top 3 Weight Loss Questions From You

Weighing Self on Scale

Weight loss is not that much difficult but we are humans but we have a curiosity about everything. We get questions about everything. That’s why I recently asked everyone on Instagram @sushant.t1d to ask your questions. Most common questions are answered in this post.

What are good healthy breakfast options when trying to lose weight?

Well, as I said any of your favorite food which is high in protein and less in carbs can be modified into a healthy dish.

So even if you love a plate of scrambled eggs make sure that you add veggies, sprouts to it. So a proper breakfast could be anything it could be an omelet but not only eggs you can definitely add some spinach and cabbage. It could be nuts with curd very important. So almonds and cashews with a bowl of curd would work well.

It can be eggs, paneer, chicken, cheese, nuts, anything with High protein and low carb!!

Intermittent fasting also a great way to burn fat.

What is better for fat loss- low carb or low fat?

Well, for weight loss and for fitness also I think low carb diet is better.

But if you go very high or low on fat that is also not a good thing. So I would just say moderation in dietary fats is the way to go.

Which oil is good for cooking?

There are many myths about cooking oil

Well, cooking oil is the latest nutrition trend where everybody is confused.

You know and now they say to cook in butter, cook in ghee cook in coconut oil, cook in olive oil. There’s a full family of oils out there.

So I would personally say that cook in ghee or butter. Because they have a very low smoking point.

Why not?

Not in every meal because you have to keep your fat intake in check.

So use anything between ghee, coconut oil, and butter.

Personally, I love butter because it gives that delicious taste to food.

And so many of these oils don’t have any adverse effects because I have seen it in my clients so the only thing I would like to say is cook in ghee or butter.

But coming to olive oil, I would not recommend to cook in. It helps you lose weight but olive oil once heated the smoking point increases nullifying all its benefits.

You can drizzle some but again maybe I would just say why waste your fat intake in a salad then you rather have a bit of the cheese.

A bonus tip to improve your Weight loss journey

Forty-five million people will follow a diet this year and most will fail within seven days. That’s because we want instant results.

The hidden truth of the body

But remember just because you don’t see changes in your body right away, improvements are happening according to Weight loss coach, Sushant Pawar.

Sushant says, Two weeks isn’t enough time to really see a difference but you’re definitely gonna feel a difference within two weeks.

Have you noticed yet?

So keep exercising and dieting because you will start seeing results by week four. That’s the first of three major milestones that you should strive for because at that point you start to notice that your pants are a little bit looser you’re everything just feels a little bit better and tighter.

Woman measuring Waist

Now you look in the mirror and you’re like okay wait to hold on I think I noticed something

I think I do but you’re still waiting for that approval from other people.

That approval comes a few weeks later when you hit your second milestone. So we typically say between 6 & 8 weeks is when those around you will begin to notice and compliment.

Let compliments come to you

You are finally push through the twelfth week and people you rarely interact with will take notice but it does take a kind of a dramatic change in the body shape for people to feel comfortable coming to you and saying that they noticed some kind of a difference in your body.

To really see results along the way Sushant has one piece of advice for you, “We always say take pictures every single week make sure you are taking your progress pictures because pictures do not lie. so here’s to a new you week by week on the breakdown.”

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