Steroids vs Natural


Steroids vs Natural Supplements – What Women Should Know

When it comes to increasing performance or gaining muscle, many women underestimate what they can actually achieve with diet and exercise. Some women are led to believe that in order to make physical transformations or increase athletic performance they need steroids.

In this article, I will cover the benefits of gaining muscle with steroids vs natural methods and the difference each one has to offer.

Many of us have probably seen a lot of different images of women on steroids, many of them have huge bulging muscles, some of the women who take steroids often tend to develop man-like traits, this is one of the reasons women are reluctant to lift weights.

A lot of women fear that if they begin a strength training regimen they will get big and bulky muscles.

The only reason women can gain big muscles is by using sports-enhancing drugs (steroids).

Some women concern themselves with possibly using steroids, this is because they are not sure how much muscle they can gain without them.

The question women should ask is do you really want to look massive like a female bodybuilder?

The moment women begin taking anabolic steroids is the moment they begin to transform their body, short term steroid use can cause mild side effects, however, if used for a long time these side effects and physical transformations become more noticeable.

Why do some women take steroids?

There are dozens of reasons why women take steroids, some women are obsessed with wanting a better-looking physique, so may feel the only way they can improve their appearance is by taking performance-enhancing drugs.

Women who follow trends on the internet may believe the only way they can eliminate body fat and increase lean muscle is by taking steroids.

There are some women who could care less about the side effects of steroids and are willing to take risks in order to gain more muscle bulk.

For a lot of women, steroids seem to be the magic pill.

What can women expect from taking steroids?

Women who take steroids will experience both athletic and physical transformations.

There are many different kinds of steroids sold, some have a high anabolic rating, what steroids do is the male sex hormone testosterone.

The main hormone women produce is estrogen.

Women do produce testosterone but only in small amounts, increasing testosterone levels in women can cause women to take on man-like traits. These include more facial and body hair, a deeper voice, and male pattern baldness.

What happens to women who take steroids?

Initially, women will begin to notice an increase in strength and performance, that’s because steroids help improve protein synthesis in the muscles, it also increases nitrogen retention in your muscles so you become stronger.

Benefits of taking steroids include:

  • Reduce fatigue
  • Boost energy
  • Speed up muscle recovery (healing)
  • Increased athletic performance
  • Improve red blood cell production
  • Gain muscle fast
  • Reduced body fat

Taking steroids speeds up many bodily functions, for starters they increase red blood cells and boost more oxygen into your muscles, this helps reduce fatigue and will allow you to train harder and longer.

Steroids also speed up the muscle recovery process, after an intense workout, most women will feel sore for a few days, taking steroids will allow you to train more frequently and require less rest.

Since steroids improve protein synthesis your muscles use the protein more efficiently.

In short, women who follow a strict diet and intense exercise program can gain a lot of muscle with steroids.

Now that you have an idea of the benefits steroids offer, you should be aware of the side effects.

There are different kinds of steroids sold, some of them cause more side effects than others.

In the past, women would take steroids like Dianabol, Trenbolone, and Decaduro, this would not only give women extraordinary muscle gains it would also cause some bad side effects.

Female friendly steroids

The most popular steroids women take are Anavar, Winstrol, and Primobolan these are considered female-friendly because they are known to cause the least amount of side effects.

Anavar, Winstrol, and Primobolan are normally taken in low doses and for no more than 6-8 weeks however, some women may still experience side effects.

Common side effects from steroids

Regardless of the steroids used, the side effects are pretty much the same, and of course all women and different so the degree of side effects will vary, some common side effects women may experience include:

  • Deeper voice
  • Excess body hair
  • Enlarged clitoris (clitoromegaly)
  • High cholesterol
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Possible liver damage
  • High blood pressure
  • Mood changes

The above are the most common side effects, these should be considered before taking steroids of any kind.

Are natural methods better?

Women should consider steroid use as a last resort, in fact, most body transformations can be done with a good diet and a high-intensity workout program.

If you feel that you have perfected your diet and training as much as you can and want to avoid taking steroids there are natural supplements that can help.

Natural vs Steroids

What you may not be aware of is that there are natural supplements you can take that have some of the same benefits steroids do without the side effects.

Many people believe that supplements will not have the same effect as steroids can, the truth is, they can, however, there are a few limitations.

Gaining muscle the natural way may be a better alternative, plus you don’t have to go through the guilt and paranoia of what you are doing to your body when you take steroids.

Natural supplements can offer similar benefits to help you gain muscle and increase athletic performance.

Benefits from natural supplements:

  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Boost athletic performance
  • Burn body fat
  • Safe increase muscle
  • improve vascularity and muscle hardness
  • Speed up muscle recovery time
  • No side effects

As you can see these benefits from taking natural supplements are worth taking a closer look at.

How muscular can a woman get naturally?

You would be amazed, at the similar differences of a steroid vs nonsteroid user, they are both able to increase muscle, however, there are a few differences that should be considered.

Denis Rutkowski Before After Steroids
Denis Rutkowski Before After Steroids

From the photo above you can see how much of a difference steroids can make, while Denise Rutkowski had a very curvy body once she began using steroids she gained an incredible amount of muscle. If you take a close look at her face you will notice how her facial structure began to transform and look more masculine.

It is obvious steroids do work, women who already have conditioned bodies can increase muscle fast, usually, within just a few weeks, these changes become apparent.

Natural supplements can have the same benefit as steroids, the difference being they take longer to work, below is a before and after photo of a woman who took natural supplements better known as legal steroids.

From the photo above you can see that it is possible for women to transform their bodies with natural supplements. The woman in the photo above took a legal steroid which is an all-natural supplement that offers similar benefits, in her case she used a product called Anvarol which is a legal alternative to Anavar.

Legal steroids help reduce body fat and can also to some degree help you gain muscle with more definition and vascularity.

How muscular can women get naturally?

A lot of it depends on genetics, there are women who are naturally gifted, some women gain muscle quickly, however, if you put forth the effort you can achieve anything.

Gaining muscle is all about training smart and eating the right foods.

Foods rich in protein are important for building muscle, you also need amino acids, vitamins, and minerals which can all help you gain muscle.


Steroid vs natural, the choice is yours, however, I personally believe that the best way to achieve an incredible looking body is by using natural methods.

Good nutrition and hard work in the gym are important for improving your body, taking anabolic steroids is risky, however, if you feel you need something to help you increase muscle you may want to consider natural supplement alternatives instead.