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Sarms for Weight Loss – Do They Work?

When it comes to weight and fat loss there are several ways to approach it. Most women who read my blog already workout and maintain a reasonable weight, others in spite of their efforts struggle with fat loss.

I have covered several supplements that can be effective for losing weight and body fat, this becomes important for women especially after we begin to approach the summer months.

After all, who doesn’t want to look good at the beach or lounging around the pool.

Sarms Weight Loss

By far my favorite fat loss supplement is still Clenbutrol, however, I am always looking for alternatives and like to offer my readers options.

Recently there I came across a weight loss supplement that caught my attention because it is being sold as a SARMS alternative.

If you are not sure what SARMS are let me give you a brief intro and explanation on what they are and why some women use them.

What is SARMS?

Sarms have some similarities to steroids, but they work in a slightly different manner.

SARMS just like steroids binds to androgen receptors and changes your DNA, this makes it easier for muscles to grow.

The difference is SARMS are considered safer than steroids because they focus on muscle and bone health.

We all know that anabolic steroids have side effects that can cause transformations that affect a woman’s femininity, whereas SARS are safer and don’t cause virilization.

The word SARMS stands for selective androgen receptor modulators, they do have an anabolic effect on your body to help you increase muscle, strength and eliminate body fat.

Unlike anabolic steroids that are highly androgenic and increase cell growth in all the tissues in your body, SARMs target specific kinds of tissue.

While some claim SARMs are much safer than anabolic steroids, they are a substance that is prohibited by the World anti-doping agency.

SARMS are created by using non-steroidal androgens which help stimulate hormone production, today these substances are not only used by athletes but are often given to patients suffering from bone and muscle wasting diseases like cancer, AIDS, and osteoporosis.

SARMS are sold under different names and each one offers different benefits for enhancing athletic performance, some of the more popular ones include:

  • Ostarine
  • Ligandrol
  • Testolone
  • RAD-140

Benefits of SARMs

Women seeking to improve athletic performance will notice some decent benefits in the way of increased strength, fat loss, and increased muscle and bone density.

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Unlike with anabolic steroids, it may take more time to gain muscle however most women will love the end results they get from taking SARMs.

Are SARMS better for women than steroids?

In many ways they are because unlike steroids that cause many cells in your body to grow, SARMS only target the cells in your muscles and bones.

This makes SARMS much safer because they don’t alter liver, brain, or cholesterol levels.

Does this mean that SARMS are completely safe for women?

If taken in moderate doses they can be but higher doses may cause side effects.

The real issue here is that there are many different companies that produce these substances and most are not regulated by the FDA, so the number of ingredients may vary, some formulas are stronger than others.

Side effects caused by SARMs may include:

  • Oily skin and acne
  • Change in menstrual cycles
  • Joint pain
  • Water retention

Are SARMS 100% safe?

As much as I would like to say that SARMS are completely safe for women, the reality is that anything that modifies your androgen receptors could cause health issues down the road, especially for women.

I personally believe that with a proper diet and strength training program that women can gain muscle and lose body fat, however, if you want to speed up the process instead of taking SARMs you may want to consider a natural alternative.

Do natural SARMS alternatives exist?

Yes, they do, unfortunately, most of them are made for men, but there are some brands that can be used by women as well.

One brand I have used with good results is made by Brutal Force, the product I have used is called ANDALEAN (Andarine S-4).

Andalean is a legal and safe SARMs alternative women can use to help lose weight and burn body fat. Unlike chemical SARMs that bind to your androgen receptors, Andalean does not.

What is Andalean

This SARMS brand offers women a safe alternative to (Andarine S-4), it has ingredients to help women eliminate body fat, increase energy while they retain lean muscle, best of all there are no harsh chemicals in this formula that will interfere with your hormones.

Brutal Force Andalean

One of the best things about Andalean’s formula is that it is natural and safe for women.

Andalean is vegan-friendly and made for women who want to keep their diet clean while allowing them to lose body fat.

Benefits of Andalean

  • Speed up fat loss
  • Help increase lean muscle
  • increase energy levels

How Andalean works

Andalean contains a special formula that contains several ingredients that work to help you lose weight and burn body fat.

The ingredients in Andalean include:

Whey protein isolate is one of the purest forms of protein women can supplement with to help increase muscle tone and eliminate body fat. This protein also helps muscles heal fast so you are not as sore after your workouts.

Clinical studies show that whey protein isolate can improve body composition and increase muscle strength.

BCAAs (Branched-chain amino acids) These include L-leucine, l-isoleucine, and l-valine what when combined they help you maintain lean muscle, give you more endurance, energy, and strength allowing you to train hard with intensity.

Wild yam root has been shown to help increase hormone levels and speeds up certain metabolic processes to help burn body fat by burning fat stores into energy,

Wild Yam also contains steroidal saponins root which is a safe and natural alternative to steroids that can help women increase toned muscle and boost athletic performance.

ElevATP is similar to creatine is helps increase endurance and power during endurance training. It also helps burn fat and give you increases muscle definition.

This substance also works as a natural nitric oxide booster helping maximize muscle pumps.

As you can see the combined ingredients in Andalean make it a powerful and safe SARMS alternative for women who want to take their physique to the next level.

As you can see Andalean has all the right ingredients to help boost improve athletic performance strength and burn body fat. If you are looking for a safe SARMS alternative Andalean may be the best choice.

You can visit the official Andalean website here.

Final thoughts

Women who are looking for a way to boost physical performance and enhance their physique are often told that SARMS are much safer than steroids. In some instances, they may be but they still may cause side effects.

Both anabolic steroids and SARMS work to help improve body composition but the question women have to ask themselves is performance drugs are worth the potential health consequences, if you are looking for a safe way a natural SARMS alternative may be the best way to go.

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