Winstrol Pills or Injections

Winstrol Pills

Taking Winstrol: Pills or Injection- What Works Best?

Winstrol is considered to be one of the most effective anabolic steroids for both bulking up and reducing fat.

This anabolic steroid is considered Ideal for female athletes and bodybuilders looking to improve their performance, strength, and endurance,

Winstrol is an effective diuretic that prevents water retention and the added weight caused by it. In fact, Winstrol works in reducing fat by introducing lactic acid into the body.

If you are considering taking steroids to improve your physical strength and performance, there are many factors you should consider, including dosage and mode of insertion.

With Winstrol, you can choose between two modes of insertion: the pill form and the injection form. However, before you choose, it is important to first understand the basics of Winstrol and its effects on your body.

While there are many other forms of steroids that promise an almost miraculous increase in muscle mass, Winstrol focuses on providing steady and substantial gains. It also helps you shed extra kilos in the cutting phase without affecting the definition of the current muscle group.

What is Winstrol?

While the fact that Winstrol is an anabolic steroid has already been established, there are certain clinical facts you should know about it. Scientifically known as stanozolol, Winstrol is developed from a base structure called DHT, i.e., Dihydrotestosterone. Essentially, DHT is just a reduced form of testosterone obtained by removing certain hydrogen atoms from its chemical composition.

After the bond has been removed, testosterone as we know it is converted to DHT. It is interesting to note that DHT is one of the most potent androgens available in the steroid form and offers a wide range of benefits. The hormone, when introduced to the body, can have a dramatic impact.

DHT has a pronounced effect on your central nervous system and often alters the way you approach physical exertion. This is why many athletes and professional bodybuilders who take Winstrol are known to be more aggressive than those who use other steroids.

DHT can increase the body’s androgen receptor proliferators for almost a day and significantly improve your physical performance. Another added benefit of the DHT-rich stanozolol is that it does not convert to estrogen in your body. Primarily being a water-based solution, Winstrol should be taken regularly and more frequently compared to other oil-based steroids.

Pill vs. injections: How different are they?

In hindsight, there is barely any difference between the chemical composition of Winstrol in its pill form or the injection solution. However, it is available in two modifications that are specific to the mode of intake and ideal for maximum efficiency.

Both the forms of Winstrol include the added c17 methylation version and the pyrazole group. Stanozolol undergoes the c17 methylation process to help the compound survive oral ingestion and its journey through the liver. This keeps the Winstrol intact and helps it reach the bloodstream without altering or being filtered out.

Winstrol is liver toxic

It is important to be aware of the side effects of including c17 in Winstrol. Being liver toxic, Winstrol should be taken only after careful consideration and a thorough physical examination.

If you are considering taking steroids to improve your performance and strength, ensure that you discuss the possible risks and side effects with your doctor to be better prepared for any changes in your body.

The addition of c17 methylation can make Winstrol more damaging to the liver.

The pyrazole group, on the other hand, is slightly stranger. It is important to understand the chemical structure of DHT, which includes four rings of steran nuclei and a fifth ring created by pyrazol attached to the compound.

The anabolic rating of Winstrol is around 320%

The average anabolic rating of Winstrol is high at 320% compared to standard androgenic actions that contain only about 30% testosterone.

When it comes to protein synthesis, Winstrol or stanozolol is one of the most potent substances available to athletes and bodybuilders.

Winstrol can help you get shredded by increasing lean muscle.

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If you are looking for a hardened and ripped look, Winstrol can help you achieve it. With anti-estrogenic effects, Winstrol can sometimes effectively block out the receptor altogether by inhibiting estrogen and encouraging more testosterone.

Taking pills: How does it work?

Before deciding your mode of intake for Winstrol, it is first important to understand how your body reacts to each form of the anabolic steroid.

Although the steroids present in the pill and the injection are identical, the accompanying ingredients are made differently to support metabolism in the body. What makes the real difference when it comes to pills and injections is the way your body breaks down what it receives.

The first pass, i.e., its journey through the liver means that specific parts of the drug are able to reach the bloodstream, making it important to measure what you are ingesting. The addition of 17aa in Winstrol is precise because of this filtering process.

Attaching a small amount of c17 can help the steroid survive this breakdown process and reach your bloodstream. Typically, the first pass of metabolism occurs in your liver and gut. The precise location of this metabolism changes with the type of drug you ingest.

The breakdown of certain drugs occurs in the liver, while others occur in your intestines. After the Winstrol has been broken down and preserved through the process, it is passed on to your bloodstream.

If the drug has been metabolized in the gastrointestinal tract, it does not travel directly to the heart. In fact, the broken-down steroid travels to your liver for further processing and distribution.

It is sent to your bloodstream through the hepatic portal vein, to be filtered and circulated. Your liver plays a vital role in deriving the benefits of steroids or any other foods you ingest. Acting as the main filtration unit of your body, the liver is responsible for removing dangerous toxins, extracting nutrients, and absorbing other substances from your bloodstream.

When you take an oral pill of Winstrol, the steroid undergoes multiple processes before it is finally sent to the bloodstream. In most cases, the chemical composition of the drug remains more or less intact after moderate amounts of metabolic activity, while other drugs are absorbed after extensive breakdowns.

After any drug is sent through the liver during the first pass, it is circulated in the bloodstream until it is absorbed by tissues in the body. If the drug is not absorbed or acquired by any tissue groups in the body in the first circulation, it is sent to the liver for a second pass.

What happens when you take injections?

If you take Winstrol in its pill form, you are likely to receive slightly lesser benefits as compared to the injection form. This is because the chemical is delivered directly into your bloodstream and experiences far fewer rounds of metabolism.

Winstrol injections

However, with direct application, your body is retaining higher quantities of nitrogen, increasing your ability to put on muscle. If you are focusing on adding more muscle during the bulking up phase,

Winstrol injections are actually several times more effective than oral ingestion. However, oral pills sometimes have the advantage over injections as they are more likely to harmonize with other steroids.

During the first pass, the Winstrol in your body is exposed to several types of proteins and enzymes that can change its composition. By allowing it to go through the filtration process in the liver, you are encouraging synergy between multiple substances.

For example, SHBG (sex hormone-binding globulin) can easily bind with testosterone and transport it throughout the body, a process that is available with injected Winstrol.

SHBG is a type of glycoprotein manufactured in the liver and is responsible for transporting hormones around the body. What makes it a unique study is that while it is bound to testosterone, the Winstrol cannot influence the body in any way.

During transportation, the SHBG shuts down all functions of the testosterone and allows it to take effect only after it has completed the process.

The anabolic effects of Winstrol can take over only after SHBG has completed its job. The reserves of testosterone available in your body cannot be used to build muscle simply because they are bound to SHBG.

However, with the introduction of steroids, this control over your body’s testosterone can be reduced and you are allowed to build more muscle. A popular function served by stanozolol is reducing the impact of SHBG in the body, which is best accomplished by oral pills.

By letting the steroid interact with the SHBG and creating a surplus of testosterone in the body, you can use the rest of the hormone to build muscle.

How does SHBG affect women?

The main function of Winstrol pills is to reduce the SHBG content to encourage higher levels of testosterone in the body. It is this difference in testosterone that makes the injectable version of Winstrol more effective for women.

Women should not increase the testosterone levels in their bodies dramatically to avoid adverse changes in their bodies.

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Steroids like Winstrol can have an impact on their physical appearance, like increased muscle mass, deepening of the voice, and an increase in facial hair.

To prevent these side effects without actually increasing testosterone levels in the body, it is recommended that women pursue injections rather than pills.

Winstrol is considered female-friendly

A lot of women are under the impression that Winstrol is a female-friendly steroid, the reason for this is that it is perceived that if Winstrol is taken in low doses the side effects are minimal.

High doses will increase testosterone levels and most women will probably begin to notice physical transformations.

Normal doses for women range between 5-10 mg, if taken in higher doses women may begin to experience the common side effects such as a deeper voice, clitoral enlargement, and male pattern baldness.

Things to consider before taking Winstrol

While Winstrol can help you burn body fat and increase lean muscle, it is not a miracle drug. Anyone who has taken steroids will tell you that it is more important to take a careful look at your diet and exercise routine, this is one of the most important things women can do before considering taking any kind of anabolic steroid.

Do Winstrol alternatives exist?

A common question a lot of women will ask is if there are safe Winstrol alternatives? There are supplements that can have a similar effect on your body. These products are often referred to as legal steroids.

Steroid alternatives are supplements that mimic the effect of anabolic steroids without the side effects. Products like Winsol have ingredients that can help women burn body fat and increase strength in a similar way that Winstrol does, the only difference is that legal steroids don’t work as fast as anabolic steroids do.


I hope this article has helped shed some light on the difference between Winstrol pills or Injections ultimately both work in similar ways but overall oral pills probably have worse side effects.

From a personal standpoint, most women should avoid taking steroids of any kind and focus more on their diet and training this way you don’t have to concern yourself with some of the negative side effects that they may cause.


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