Stubborn Inner Thigh Fat

Inner Thigh Fat

Stubborn Inner Thigh Fat How to Get Rid of It

Having inner thigh fat is embarrassing and can be unsightly, fortunately, it’s in a place that is easily covered, that is unless you wear short shorts, a bathing suit, or a bikini, then it becomes a problem that everyone can see.

Women accumulate inner thigh fat that can look wrinkled as they age, younger women may develop fat pouches on their inner thighs and some may accumulate a form of cellulite on the inside of their thighs.

What causes inner thigh fat?

The accumulation of inner thigh fat can be due to genetics, or overall fat buildup. Obviously consuming more calories than your burn in a day will cause you to accumulate more body fat, if you are one of those unfortunate women then you may see a buildup particularly in your inner thighs.

Other women tend to gain fat on their hips, outer thighs, and tummy, once again this is mostly due to genetics.

The unfortunate thing is that we can’t really choose where our body is going to store excess body fat.

Eliminating inner thigh fat can be extremely difficult to lose, especially when it comes to fat loss.

First off you should know that there is no such thing as fat spot reduction.

Your body stores body fat as a protection mechanism, the biggest mistake a lot of women make is trying to eliminate body fat from one specific area (spot fat reduction).

The logical and most effective way to eliminate stubborn inner thigh fat would be to exercise and eat a nutritious diet.

A low-fat low-carb diet can help reduce overall body fat.

Adding any sort of cardio exercises including brisk walking and cutting back on calories would be a good start to eliminate stubborn inner thigh fat.

Resistance training for inner thigh fat

There are some that claim that resistance training that targets the inner thigh muscles will make your thighs and legs bigger, while I cannot speak for other women this has not been the case for me.

On the contrary, I have found that doing certain exercises with high repetitions seems to be the best way to firm my inner thighs, this is of course while trying to lose extra weight.

Exercises to eliminate stubborn inner thigh fat

Women who have not been very active can benefit from walking, in fact, brisk walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and firm up your body.

if you live in an area where there are hills with slight uphill inclines this is a plus, walking uphill targets the thigh muscles in a direct manner.

The exercises I am going to suggest below are just that “suggestions” many of them can be done at home. I have found that I can do them three to four times a week, not only do they help eliminate stubborn inner thigh fat they also have helped me with overall core strength.

Inner thigh workout

Sumo squat

I originally began doing these as a warm-up exercise before doing regular squats.

In order to do this exercise spread your legs slightly wider than shoulder-width apart and then slowly squat down. I prefer to use a 5-pound plate held to my chest, this helps keep my upper body straight however some women may prefer using a dumbbell.

Front lunges

This is a great exercise that not only targets the front quads of your legs but also hits the inner thigh and glute muscles making it an overall great exercise for firming your lower body.

You can use a light set of dumbbells or even soup cans to perform this exercise.

Woman Perfroming Front Lunges

To perform this exercise, put one foot out front, lower down until your knee is at a 90-degree angle. Try not t let your knee go past your front toe.

Once the front movement has been complete slowly shift the weight of your knee back until you resume your original starting position.

Side lunge (lateral lunge)

This type of lunge works the inner thighs and is a staple when I work out my lower body. The side lunge is the same as the front lunge difference is, you are stepping out to the side.

In order to do this exercise start with your feet together, your hands on your hips, then move one leg out to the side and lower down into almost a squatting position then using your heel return to a straight position.

The above exercises are my top three favorites that have helped me fight stubborn inner thigh fat.

These are not the only exercises you can do to target your inner thighs there are more but these are exercises that are fairly easy to do and the ones that offer the best results.

The reason I like the exercises above is that I can do them several sets and repetitions before I start my day plus they do an incredible job at firming and toning my inner thighs.

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Final thoughts

I’m not going to lie, inner thigh fat is not easy to get rid of, you need to be consistent with your workouts, try performing the exercises I mentioned above at least three times a week.

If you can add walking into your routine at least 4 days a week you will notice faster results. I personally have eliminated every last bit of inner thigh fat, so, if I can do it so can you.

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