Steroid Side Effects on Women

Steroid side effects on women are they worth the risk?

The most common side effects of steroid use that occurs in women have to do with a decrease in feminine aspects and the appearance of male characteristics. Women also face many of the same health issues and risks that men do when they use steroids. Beyond those risks are even more issues that impact fertility and fetal health. In this blog, we discuss the side effects that women may encounter when using steroids for bodybuilding. In this article, we will take a look at some of most common steroid side effects on women.

Steroid Side Effects on Women - Steroid Ampoules

Anabolic Steroids and Women

Anabolic steroids are man-made versions of testosterone – the masculine hormone. This is literally the hormone that changes a boy into a man and for women, that is a bid deal. When women take anabolic steroids, they move their body closer to that position where an adolescent boy starts to undergo puberty. The side effects experienced by women include:

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